Yaesu FT-311 220 Mhz radio without a microphone

Discussion in 'Microphones, Speakers & Audio Processing' started by N1SJK, Sep 26, 2021.

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  1. N1SJK

    N1SJK QRZ Lifetime Member #210 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    I have an older yaesu mobile radio that I acquired without a microphone. Does anyone know what model microphone was original to these older yaesu mobile rigs? What else might some of you know about adapting a microphone to use on an older radio like this? Any bright ideas?

    I'm also looking for a mounting bracket for this radio and a power cord. Previous owner nipped the old power cord down to within 8 inches of the radio and had bullet style connectors on it. I of course removed the bullet style and installed a power pole connector.

    Norm N1SJK
  2. WR3V

    WR3V Ham Member QRZ Page

    Look on Universal Radio web site. Discontinued vhf mobiles. Sometimes the list options including mics. Worth a try.
  3. KM3F

    KM3F Ham Member QRZ Page

    Page 2 of owner manual.
    Std. hand mike MH-10E.
    Spkr / Mic MH-10F.
    With DTMF MH-15D8. the one I have.
    MF-1A3B Boom mic.
    YH-1 Headset with Mic
    SB10 PTT switch for 1A3B & YH-1 mics.
    I have a new old stock radio with owner manual, schematics and includes other info.
    If the radio does not hold memory due to it's age, you need a new 3v internal battery.
    Has 10 memories 0-9
    Power 3 or 25 watts.
    Mic jack terminal count from the U indent locator; >counter clockwise< beginning at 11 o-clock position.
    1. UP signal from Mic..
    2. 5 V Supply.
    3. DWN Signal.
    4. SPKR.
    5. PTT Signal.
    6. NOT USED.
    7. Ground.
    8. The center pin is Mic.
    To get you count correct, put load on radio and connect pin 5 to 7. Radio should key up , as a reference.
    Good luck.
  4. W9GB

    W9GB Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. KC9ONY

    KC9ONY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Look at page 7 of the manual. This radio came with those bullet style pigtails, which
    of course connects to some bullet style pigtails that go to fuses then to the power supply.
    Yeah, it's about 8" in long.

    I bought mine used. It came with the MH-15C8 Hand mic w/DTMF keypad.
    The manual I have states an option of MH-15D8 "Hand Mic w/DTMF Autodialler Memory"
    so not sure which radio the MH-15C8 was from.
    It has the aftermarket Piexx FT-12px installed.

    My radio needs the memory battery replaced. Any ideas for a service manual or
    schematic, and the part number for the battery?
  6. W9GB

    W9GB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yaesu FT-311RM 200 MHz FM Transceiver
    Operating Manual
    http://hammadeparts.jivetones.com/Amateur_Radio_Manuals_Schematics/YAESU/FT-311RM Operating Manual.pdf

    Pages 12 and 14 (photos) clearly show the Lithium Coin-cell, Horizontal mount, Solder Tab.
    Found on Front Panel, behind the LCD screen.
    Yaesu had a preference for specific Japanese OEM part suppliers (Sony, NEC, etc.).
    OEM Lithium coin cells were normally provided by Sony (as found in FT-736R).

    IF you have a BatteryPlus franchise store, near your QTH, they have a Spot Welder and strip materials to make a Custom Tab configuration for a Lithium Coin Cell.
    BRING IN the old Yaesu Coin Cell — so store employee can Duplicate !!
    Is the Positive Surface/Tab UP or DOWN ?
    The purchase of Sanyo, by Panasonic a decade ago, caused Panasonic to supply 75% of coin cells. Renata (Swiss, owned by Swatch) is an alternative supplier common in Europe.

    D4343546-A269-4255-B3F9-B33219741169.jpeg 68641097-567B-4FBC-8ECF-F800D203D9E6.jpeg
    CR-2032/F2N : 3V , 225 mAh, Non-Rechargeable is a frequently used model.
    Battery Size: 0.79" Dia x 0.13" H (20.0mm x 3.2mm)

    LITHIUM COIN-CELLS have a Standard Format for their Numbering


    AA : Lithium Chemistry (BR, CR, VL)
    XX : Diameter of Coin Cell (mm)
    YY : AmpHour Capacity (YY*7 = mAh)
    ZZZ : Solder Tab Configuration (horizontal or vertical; number of pins)
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2021
  7. KM3F

    KM3F Ham Member QRZ Page

    KC9ONY, I am sending you a copy of the schematics.
    Marked are the locations of the Memory battery/ reset and the Audio gain/deviation controls.

  8. KM3F

    KM3F Ham Member QRZ Page

    kc9ony, your schematics are in the mail.
    5/7 envelope.
    Good luck.
  9. KC9ONY

    KC9ONY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey Ken, thanks, I'll be looking for them!
  10. KC9ONY

    KC9ONY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry for the delayed response, but I did receive the schematics.
    Thank you!

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