The new Buddistick Pro from Buddipole, Inc.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W4FDT, Sep 4, 2021.

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  1. K5QBF

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    I really like it. Simple, easy to use and easy y to I read outdoors.
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  2. W3KW

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    My first pseudo Buddi-Stick Pro set up for 40 meters:


    I didn’t even reference the manual. I used the longest Rigid Shock Cord Whip Buddipole makes. 5 section, 32” version at full extension. It took very little counterpoise to bring the SWR into a very low number across most of the band. Less than 1.2:1 and nuts on where I use it. Nailed it the first time. One issue I had with the shock cord whip was pulling off the bottom section accidentally while trying to go full length. It is marked “ end” but out it came. An über tiny piece of copper flange hit the ground. Fortunately, I found it and was able to re-assemble the lower section. Use caution.



    Just for grins, I did a quick band change. 20 meters. It was way out at first. I shortened the radiator by one section, and lengthened my counterpoise to the 20 meter yellow tape I put on my counterpoise wire 5 years ago. Bam. That was easy:


    Total time for the band change with a bit of experimenting with the tap was 4 minutes. That included re-learning how to use the antenna analyzer which is a bit less than intuitive.

    I threw my name in the hat on the SKCC SKED page but couldn’t find a taker. The skeeters were all over me on this hot and humid September evening and the light was fading. Tore down the set up in about 5 minutes, including putting it away. There are lots of tiny tidbits to lose in the dark so I’d recommend extra parts like coil taps if you’re going remote. (And a headlamp) Also, the shock cord whip was very top heavy and ANY wind would require guying. I bought the -Pro in pieces and am adding more pieces shortly (Already ordered) so will see how the lighter -pro components hold up on the -Pro tripod and report back.

    It’s a lot of fun to tinker with, but honestly, my go-to temp antenna is the much less expensive MFJ 43’ telescoping pole, a wire, and an UNUN all bought for about $180. It does require a way to keep it vertical though. This has never really been a problem. Lugging it up a slope for SOTA wouldn’t be fun, but I use a 31’ telescoping pole for that.

    All in all, the Buddipole stuff is well engineered and very high on the fun stuff to tinker with scale.


    Any errors can be attributed to the glass of wine in the first photo. It was empty by the last photo.
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  3. VE3GZB

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    I have the Buddipole Long Deluxe package and I take it whenever I go camping up north. I'm pleased with it, good antenna, no beefs about it.

    I only wish there was a way to set up the guy wires faster especially in stony/gravel paths to avoid the wind blowing it over. As it stands it usually takes me about 30 minutes from arriving at a suitable outdoor space, scouting out a suitable place to place the tripod and messing around with anchoring to the point where I'm connected to a radio and ready to power up.

    Recent northern trip was up to first Red Lake, and then next to Pickle Lake, Ontario, I set up by a clearing out of town so not to interfere with the local floatplane communications. In Red Lake I made a contact with EA8DHA and then in Pickle Lake I contacted W8FM and AE4TG.

    Oh well, nothing will be perfect!


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  4. KD2HAM

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    How long did it take you guys to receive your antenna? I ordered on Tuesday and haven't seen any shipping update on the site. I emailed them and no answer.
  5. KD2HAM

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    Well it looks like their site says sold out and no reply to my email about it. I'll call them tomorrow
  6. KD2HAM

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    I just want to give you guys an update. I received the antenna a few days ago and it's been great. It's very easy to tune just move the radio on to the smaller notches on the winder.

    I never did 15 m but I just went on right now and I made a contact from New Jersey all the way down to Uruguay. Right after I made another contact with someone in California.
  7. KE0GXN

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    But hey…don’t forget to “smash that like button!”

    You need to be careful though OM, you don’t want to labeled a gatekeeper or curmudgeon by the Tubers…:eek::rolleyes:
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