Shortwave Modernization Coalition: Petition for Rule Making - FCC May 2023

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by K0KP, May 21, 2023.

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  1. K0KP

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    Type of Filing PETITION FOR RULEMAKING Filing Status DISSEMINATED Federal Communications Commission, Date Posted May 01, 2023, Docket Number INBOX-1.401
    Pursuant to Section 1.401 of the Commission’s Rules,1 the Shortwave Modernization Coalition (“SMC”)2 hereby petitions the Federal Communications Commission (“Commission”) to initiate a rulemaking to amend its eligibility and technical rules for licensees in the Industrial/Business Pool to authorize licensed use of frequencies above 2 MHz and below 25 MHz (the “2-25 MHz Band”) for fixed, long-distance, non-voice communications. The SMC members respectfully request that the Commission promptly initiate a rulemaking to modernize the Part 90 Rules for 2-25 MHz Band licensees

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  2. KF0FBK

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    The SMC members do not seek to amend parts of the Commission’s Rules that pertain exclusively to, nor do they plan to utilize spectrum allocated exclusively for, amateur, maritime, or aeronautical services.
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  3. SM0AOM

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    This is something that has been expected for some years.

    The "High-frequency trading" concept (which has nothing to do with the HF radio spectrum) is critically dependent on low-latency data communications.

    Even the latencies in fibre-optic long distance circuits are "too long", so well-heeled interests are looking into the use of HF ionospheric circuits for transferring time-critical financial data.

    Several evaluation systems have been fielded, and there are some information on the "web". For the Nordic HF Conference HF19 I wrote
    a presentation on the subject:

    "Overview of the renewed interest in intercontinental point-to-point HF circuits aimed at reducing latency in “high-frequency trading” stock market applications"

    Expect this subject to become an agenda item at future WRC:s.

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  4. W0PV

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