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Question from an old longtime ham getting started with Arduino

Discussion in 'Arduino Playground' started by N3TGY, Sep 3, 2021.

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  1. G8FXC

    G8FXC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Arduino have already released a board that uses the RP2040 processor with bluetooth and WiFi but it's selling at £24 which seems rather high to me given that the Pi Zero W gives you the same connectivity with more processing for less than £10.

    Martin (G8FXC)
  2. N3TGY

    N3TGY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah my son found this out too, he's working on a zero as well. He's also working on a"thin- client" computer as well. Trying to get the lowest power consumption. He really likes the thin client platform. I am still learning the Raspberry system so I don't want to get confused with more information than I can handle. He was complaining that I'm spending too much money for the technology. Says " dad don't get caught up in the hype" so I need to check with him first before I buy too many things that I probably don't need. It's confusing with all of these devices. I'm still waiting for the things I ordered. So many things I want to try. Slot of projects lined up. My solar gear is one of the main projects. I would also like to try a encoder and decoder for very high speed CW work , I think that you are working on. 73 de N3TGY . .
  3. N3TGY

    N3TGY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Did you see these?
  4. G8FXC

    G8FXC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  5. M0MZB

    M0MZB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Arduino has the advantage that compatible microcontrollers can be integrated into a project, without need to use the dev board

    Yiu can purchase the IC and just build it into your own project really easily...much cheaper option.

    Also ESP8266 based modules are compatible with Arduino code, and include wifi...on a tiny tiny midule. These can be bought from china for a couple of dollars.
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  6. G8FXC

    G8FXC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Don't get me wrong - the Pico is a very nice device and I'm enjoying experimenting with it. We do a lot of work here with the ESP32 - we have a range of products based on it which we have developed. I'm just a little unclear about the benefits of adding a £12 network interface to a £13 Pico - the result is going to be less powerful than the Pi Zero W which sells for about £10. I know that the Pico has a larger number of GPIO pins which may make it more appropriate for some applications, but the Pi Zero has enough for many applications and a lot more memory...

    Martin (G8FXC)
  7. N3TGY

    N3TGY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm so new to this whole thing, I bought a Raspberry Pi Pico because it sounded like it would be easier to learn especially using my Raspberry Pi 4 . I did get an Arduino knock-off along with a kit. So far I've got my feet wet just a bit. I bought an Elegoo 2560 Arduino kit because I figured that it would have plenty of things to try. A remote outdoor antenna switch would be great to work towards. Or a solar controller .
  8. VE3CGA

    VE3CGA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have 2 of those elegoo 2560's and 2 elegoo unos
    first one has been working in the shack as the master/display for the rotor control (K3NG) for about 3-1/2yrs
    All are very dependable
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  9. N3TGY

    N3TGY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellent! I'm pleased with what all came with the kit. I just have to get busy trying everything out and then decide on what I really want to build. Thanks Robert for sharing this.
  10. VE3CGA

    VE3CGA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    have fun with it Lon, I think they are the new wave for projects.
    The wireless antenna switch, slave rotor controller and generator controller/wireless home monitor are all homebrew standalone uno 328 chips
    I think one of the winter projects is going to be a wireless pool pump & solar heater controller, they need to be automated
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