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Portable Ham Radio Operating Tips & Tricks Volume #1

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W5KV, Oct 20, 2017.

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  1. W5KV

    W5KV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi folks,

    I've had many questions since I started my YouTube channel awhile back on how to operate Ham Radio out in the field.

    The 3 primary areas I receive questions on are Power, Antennas & their supports, & Transporting Radios.

    We're going to talk a little bit about those today, and why I use the gear that I use, hopefully to stir some interest in portable operating!

    All the recent natural disasters here in the U.S. has really had me practicing my outdoor ops as of late. This is a great way to get some practice in, and to identify potential areas around your local community that you might be able to setup in.

    Please enjoy this presentation by SignalSearch/K5ACL.


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  2. KB4MNG

    KB4MNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great job//
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  3. W2JLD

    W2JLD Ham Member QRZ Page

    awesome video.........
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  4. QRZFAN2

    QRZFAN2 QRZ Member

    Wow appreciate you putting all that work in to share with folks. 73
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  5. QRZFAN2

    QRZFAN2 QRZ Member

    Do you think Buddipole will ever make a Beam? They mentioned at Dayton something was in the works they could not talk about yet. Wondered if you have heard anything what it might be, Thanks.
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  6. K2GK

    K2GK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Nice presentation John. Love to see that you are into the same gizmos and goodies as we here in Long Island, New York.
    If you have the time, stop by and view our FaceBook group: "Ham Radio Outdoors". 73 de k2gk
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  7. W5KV

    W5KV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks for the comments all :) Glad you've enjoyed it just as much as I did!

    QRZFAN2 I think Buddipole already makes components so that you can do some sort of beam with their gear, but I might be mistaken? I'm new to the buddipole scene, just discovered their neat products!

  8. KC3ISE

    KC3ISE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great video, Johnny!
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  9. AK5B

    AK5B XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Excellent video; very helpful tips throughout and all right to the point. Keep up the good work!

    73, Jeff
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  10. VE2TH

    VE2TH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Do you think Buddipole will ever make a Beam?

    All the parts are on their website and the documentation too. You can subscribe to the "BUG" Buddipole User Group. AND ALSO Yahoo Groups

    Up to date I use portable a two or three elements on six meters. A two elements on ten meters, or 12 meters or 15 meters full size, no coils

    On six meters I use the tripod with the long mast which gives me one wavelenght above the ground (20 ft) on top of it I put a ELK log periodic antenna, horizontally polarized.

    I also use a portable tilt support for my alightweight aluminium mast (30 ft). So I can use Buddipole dipole configuration and I can add some wire connected to the same coax.

    There are a lot of possibilities.

    My favorite is two phased vertical dipole for 20 or 17 meters.

    The fun with Buddipole is you can experiment with feets on the ground., so no Danger. You can experiment things not available with regular antennas.

    By the way, yes it is an excellent video.

    72 Michel
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  11. M6ECG

    M6ECG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice video Johnny, thanks for sharing! 73 Lucy
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  12. M6ECG

    M6ECG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great video Johnny, thanks for posting! 73 Lucy
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  13. AK5B

    AK5B XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    You've also got some nifty portable ideas on your QRZ page, too Lucy---way to go with your MFJ-1979, folding bike, tape measure, etc.


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  14. M6ECG

    M6ECG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks very much Jeff for your kind words! :)
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  15. AF4RK

    AF4RK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well made product and very useful as a compromise antenna, but as for a beam, size matters. In my experience, you would do better with a full size dipole than a miniature beam. Remember, on 20 meters, a full size beam is 33' wide. Reactance does not radiate!

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