Kit/Book for Understanding a homebrew build?

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by KN4YRM, Nov 14, 2021.

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  1. KN4YRM

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    thanks, I was able to hunt the W1FB's stuff down.
  2. KN4YRM

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    I have been playing with LT Spice to confirm my answers to circuit analysis "homework" problems. Solving all those equations by hand is getting tedious and error prone, really like what LT spice can do and surely I have barely just scratched the surface.
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  3. KN4YRM

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  4. SWL37632

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    Yeah....doing Kirchoff node analysis and Norton equivalents, Jacobian Matrices, etc., etc., using pencil and a calculator is a real drag.....I remember doing these analysis on IBM 360 mainframe SPICE using the old punch cards....wonderful ! and then when Microcap circuit analysis program came out on my IBM AT (or was is XT?) desktop PC....Wow.

    For antenna patterns, same thing using paper and pencil....graduated to using Excel to run the patterns using the graphics routines...then NEC -MOM based software....BTW..for antenna pattern analysis, EZNEC, WINNEC, and MMNA (free). FDTD programs solving Yee's Matrices are far more accurate than NEC-MOM based software but of course $200K plus yearly 'maintenance fees' is beyond the budget of most hams.

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  5. WA9D

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    N0ZGO said:
    It's sad that the ARRL stopped production of EMRFD, which also had a CDROM with SSDRA and one other title on it.
    (Maybe not so surprising as they seem to be an advertising rag anymore rather than a real Amateur Radio resource.)​
    I agree...
    The latest issue of QST has NA2AA, the fairly new CEO, saying that he wants to reform ARRL in several ways. Maybe some of the folks in this discussion could suggest to him that QST, or even their newby-oriented web postings, should include this kind of thing. Back in 1957 when I first got a license, QST was indeed much more helpful for those of us wanting to build things. QEX has lots of nice technical stuff, but too advanced for what I hear this discussion talking about.
  6. N5HXR

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    If they published more homebrew stuff, maybe they'd sell more ad space to siglent and rigol :).
  7. KM5SK

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    You began this discussion with the intention to build a transmitter and more in depth insight to the design theory. Have you already built or checked out the project by Wes Hayward " The progressive communication receiver" it is one of the best high performance receiver homebrew project in my opinion. It may seem a little bit dated now but other than a lack of digital Vfo this circuit is still relevant for homebrew receiver with high dynamic range. There is a lot of information on the web about this project and the PCB etching patterns are still available last I looked. Anyway good luck and 73's
  8. WD3N

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    Look at QRP labs kits. The build manual for each kit , give a very good explanation .
    You have to download the manual .
  9. KN4YRM

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    No, thank you for putting it on my list. A quick google search suggests it is still a popular build and well documented. 73
  10. KN4YRM

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    Yes, I received one of their QCX kits last week, it is in the queue after I complete some much simpler bare-bones kits. Thanks, 73

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