Group Radio Events -- A Quick How-To and Yesterday's POTA

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KM1NDY, May 16, 2021.

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  1. KM1NDY

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    There is always so much chatter about the future of ham radio. I do not think this is unique really to our particular hobby. I think many people fret about the future of things they love. The recent threads that talked about rebranding ham radio, amateur public service, and the future of ham radio made me think that some might want to see how we've been doing it in Massachusetts. I try to repeatedly clearly state that I think the potential for interest in ham radio would be much greater if people simply knew about it. My radio friends and I really try to get the word out here in EMA. I have to say, our latest adventure was spectacular on all fronts.

    If anyone wants to "borrow" the techniques we use to achieve this, its simple. We rather arbitrarily pick a time and a place for a group POTA activation. The arbitrary nature of this is key... just throw out a time and place without worrying about a consensus. Someone has to spearhead it do not need anyone's permission or anyone to appoint you to the role...just do it!

    The participation rules are simple, come and leave if and when you want. License or not. Bring what you want (radio gear or otherwise). Pretty much worry about yourself (though we always have a few portable HF rigs ready to go). It is designed to be very low pressure and relaxing. Then the leaders of radio organizations (area clubs, ARRL) have caught on and are now publishing the notice to their members. I use, and keep adding to, an email list to notify people of when our events are happening. Anyone who wants on the list is added. I think this is the 6th such activation we have done now. It is growing quite organically and fairly "grass roots"-ish. And they are a heck of a lot of fun! See my link below for a blog on yesterday's group activation.


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