Great tool for finding substitute BJTs, MOSFETS, IGBTs, and SCRs.

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by W4KJG, Oct 31, 2021.

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  1. W4KJG

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    I found a great on-line tool for finding substitutes for otherwise obsolete Unobtanium BJTs, MOSFETs, IGBTs, and SCRs.

    There is a site called All Transistors. If a data sheet exists for the device you are trying to replace you can enter its part number and it fill in all of the appropriate parameters into a table. You can also manually fill in the table if you don't have a data sheet, but know the key parameters.

    It provides a table of similar devices, with all of their appropriate parameters when you ask it to search.

    I have a lot of older semi-solid state and a lot of solid state equipment from the 1960s-1970, especially Ten Tec units. Some include lighter boat anchors, like Heathkit and Eico units. All of them get used. It really hurts when one crashes. Finding parts is getting more and more difficult. I'm finding myself building small FR4 perfboard assemblies to replace parts no longer available.

    If you know of anybody, especially with Ten Tec 505s, 509s, 540s or 544s that are mostly only good for salvaging parts, please let me know via a QRZ message or my QRZ email address.

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  2. KM1H

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    The National HRO-500 and NCX-1000 from the 60's use a lot of germanium and early silicon transistors from small signal to TO-3 power. The NCL-2000 uses a TO-3 pair of germanium in the bias supply.

    Older VHF and UHF brick amps use a lot of special numbers, mostly a common Moto part to keep prices high.

    National Radio 1963-69
  3. K9UR

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    Great tip, Ken..
  4. WA9SVD

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    Good tip, and a great resource, but beware: not all listed "equivalents" are just that, and not all semiconductors are listed. If in doubt, get a 'second opinion," if at all possible.

    Hint: Sometimes a "Google" (or other) search on something specific, like "transistor 2Nxxxx datasheet" gives results other searches miss.

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