Amateur Radio Newsline headlines for Ham Nation. October 11, 2023.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KB7TBT, Oct 10, 2023.

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  1. KW1NG

    KW1NG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    My wife and I were driving from San Diego to Phoenix to visit some friends a while back. We had to stop at a Boarder Patrol checkpoint and the officer there was looking at my mobile antennas. Before I could say anything, my wife told the officer "he talks to aliens!" The officer smiled and said, "Hey, so do I!"
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  2. TA1TRJ

    TA1TRJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    73 from turkey… ;)
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  3. K0MAN

    K0MAN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the visit. Best 73's
  4. N0GXM

    N0GXM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Vietnam AI8AX at Phan Rang Air Base 1968-69
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  5. N6SPP

    N6SPP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi agn Dave !.... ARMY "AEA1HKE" Schwaebisch Gmuend W.Germany 1980-'82 Assist @ the 1/41st FA BN S3 stn
  6. N4WRO

    N4WRO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Typical government run program. Received email that certificate was ready.

    Downloaded and was only given credit for 2 stations when I actually worked 6...

    Folks at HQ Scott AFB need to get their act together if they are going to host a WW event...
  7. K5XOM

    K5XOM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I used Army MARS to call my wife when I was in Vietnam 67-68

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